I have evidently been silent since the last two weeks all within reasons as you may recall.  I now find myself slightly out of my funk and ready to return to my daily blogging duties.
There has been more than a few highlights that are too far behind in time to rehash but deserve a slight note of recognition: there was a wonderful and very successful music showcase i helped organize featuring my dear friend, Sasha Allen over at Joe’s Pub (click on this link for youtube videos), a couple intimate gatherings with friends over the Labor Day break which included afternoon BBQ’s and much too many sake bombs, and finally the celebration of my cousins 27th birthday – something to sweeten the bittersweet moment of celebrating life while mourning another.

Yesterday, Sunday, Wednesday kicked off what i believe is the official American Football Season.  Not really my thing but also not something i disregard.  It’s an American pastime and a conversation piece… and so why not join in on the fun.  I went bar hopping in the Upper West Side with my friend Giana.  She knows sports and i know the UWS; it was a perfect combination.

All of this also marked the end of summer and the start of fall, my favorite season. And so despite much of the low moments in my life, i am very much looking forward to fall and the highlights it promises.

Sasha Allen Live at Joe’s Pub.  (photo stolen from anmonphotography@gmail.com)
Labor Day fun with new and old friends. (photo stolen from Rob Lewis instagram @iamroblewis)
27 never looked so good.
All the gym motivation one needs.
Good times at Blondies with Giana and the inevitable grainy iPhone self portrait.
It’s the start of the week lovers.  Make it a great one.  I LOVE YOU ABUELA!

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