Day seven in Berlin and I can confidently say I am a bit more acclimated with the City and feeling less anxious.  I still find their public transportation intimidating – not for safety reason or functionality – the language is just a huge barrier for me and I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the map.

The area of Kreuzberg is very central to everything: from spending a day in the Hackesche Market area to strolling around the Museum Island, there is much to do.  Kyle and I made a failed attempt at the Bode Museum on Monday.  It was closed.  Instead we compensated by going to the Aqua-Dome & Sea Life exhibit.   I think we both kind of felt like kids again.  They had cute little sea-horses for heaven sakes.
On tuesday I had better luck with the museum as i met up with Gabriel, an old colleague who I learned was also in Berlin on holiday (small world).  Gabe and I went to the Alte National Gallerie and strolled through some beautiful, breathtaking and romantic impressionist and early modernist artwork.  I didn’t recognize many of the artist which made it all the more lovely for me.  Plus the museum space itself was stunning.

Once done with that, Gabe and i met up with the rest of the gang for more strolling, shopping, and a late brunch with the much required German beer.  It was a good day.  A productive day.

I’m reaching the final leg of my trip and i am almost ok with this.  I miss my bed terribly.  Plus, i have been on and absurd sugar high since i got here.  Ugh!
On Tuesday in our hood…
Kyle helped Sheila and i start our day with a delicious homemade breakfast.  We need to marry this man off because it was impressively delicious.
Bike / Street Art – a huge mode of transportation for this City
A pillar of books adorned with a few classic typewriters on top.  How very Williamsburg, Brooklyn of them. 
I am quite spoiled with my antiquated New York City train system.  
Hackesche Market area
I have a fascination for the street art or graffiti in other countries.  If you could only see my Barcelona album from last year…
Can’t make it to the beach, then bring the beach to your terrace.
Cool band at the Hackesche Market station. They are called Pickers.  Check out their facebook here.
On Wednesday on The Museum Island…
Bode Museum


Beautiful landscape and architecture.
Favorite Exhibitions at the Alte National Gallery
L: Christian Daniel Rauch | Kranzwerfende Victoria
R: Antonio Canova | HEBE
L: Carl Echtermeyer | Tanzende Bacchantin
R: One of the earlier and original sculpture of The Thinker
Eduard Daege | Die Erfindung der Malerel
William Hamilton | From Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’
Adolph Menzel | The Flute Concert of Frederick The Great
Jacob Philipp | Arcadian Landscape
Museum layout highlights

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