Nail beds are the best tiny canvases for the creative to express themselves. Here anything goes and the more bold and expressive you are, the better.  I love getting manicures but i don’t always have the funds or the patience and time to do them myself. However, with winter finally here i now find myself with plenty of time to spend indoors and getting creative.

I made a quick trip to Ulta and stocked up on a few new fun lacquers by OPI’s. This first introduction will be simple with a very basic design using I Don’t Give a Rottendamn!, Warm Me Up, & Polca.Com. I hope to make these nails design tutorials a monthly feature but we will just have to see.

The photos you see here are pretty self explanatory and i am pretty happy with the results. I never pass up the chance to include anything glitter so this is a winner in my eyes.  I hope you all like what i did. I will be proudly sporting my work during my family’s Thanksgiving gathering.

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