I knew of H&M‘s flourishing home line in Europe but held little hope that it would make its way to the states anytime soon. Today i stand corrected. I recently learned that the US market will in fact get to experience H&M’s collection this fall via it’s online store. I have never been more pleased to be wrong about something as i have this moment. Some of the pieces are not only uniquely beautiful but also incredibly affordable. Just the way i like it.

This news comes just in time as the roommate and i are eager to incorporate more stylish pieces into our living space; more so her than me as i came baring most of the furnishing. However, i certainly wouldn’t mind sprucing up some of my existing pieces for something more updated. We have so many ideas but always seem to get stuck somewhere between no time and no money. The H&M Home line is just the answer we’ve been looking for. I predict some posh changes to come soon.

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