A little over two weeks ago i joined my friend Lilliana for dinner at a lovely restaurant by the name of La Cenita.  We enjoyed a delicious Mexican inspired meal and greedily ogled over the desert menu.  One in particular immediately caught our eyes, the S’mores Empanadas It had to be done. 

The S’mores Empanadas reached our table with lots of pump and circumstance and we did not hesitate to dive in.  It was a heavenly first bite and i vowed right then and there to attempt my own version at home.  It seemed simple enough…and it was.

Disclaimer: after i used my own imagination recreating these deliciousness i later found many different versions out on the internet. Mine came pretty close to all but i went the more unhealthy rout which means, i fried them! Which also clearly means my version tastes a lot better.  Ha! Now on to the recipe and preparations.

* 1 bag of frozen Goya pastry dough
* Your choice of chocolate.  Most use Hershey squares but i opted for nutella
* 2 Large marshmallows cut in half per disc
* Extra virgin olive oil (this is my preference in cooking oil)
* 1 table spoon of butter
* 2 table spoon of flour

Thaw the pasty dough by bringing it to room temperature at least 30 minutes prior to preparation. Sprinkle a little flour onto a cutting board to avoid sticking and place two dough disc on top.  Brush the edges with a little butter to help seal.  Next fill the center of one disc with marshmallows and generously drizzle with nutella.  Seal by placing second disc on top and paste the edges together with a fork creating a pie pocket.  Heat oil to a medium heat, place the empanada pie pocket in the oil and fry for 2 minutes on each side, or until the dough shows a nice golden crisp color.  

Place the fried S’mores Empanada on a plate and gently drizzle the top with condense milk.  Add an additional few squares of nutella drizzled marshmallows on the side and ENJOY!  What better than having the best of your childhood memory placed inside a delicious crispy crust.  Its so delicious you almost feel guilty indulging. 

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