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Mondays can be such a drag don’t you think? You never feel quite rested despite how much time you spent on the couch over the weekend. The mere idea of a rushed morning, crowded commutes and weather temperaments, is enough to make you press that snooze button, cover up and roll over.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. I found that these simple morning rituals i have worked great and can do the same for you.  The goal for any Monday should be for a bright, energetic, and productive day.

Prepare the Night Before
Try to be as prepared as possible the night before.  I love fashion so i work on putting together a look that will make me feel good, confident, and stylish. If you look good you feel good.
Daily Affirmation
In an earlier post i shared a book that was given to me over the holiday, Jesus Calling – Enjoying Peace in His Presence and it is the word of God presented to you in daily affirmations. But this is a preference, you can look into daily affirmations with a book like A Year of Living Consciously: 365 Daily Inspirations for Crating a Life of Passion and Purpose or sign up to get free positive affirmation by emails at Everyday Affirmations. You want to welcome the day and week on the best possible note.
Look for Natural Light
In the winter this can be a bit challenging but we are creatures of light. We need it in order to feel good and energized even on overcast days.  Open the curtains and if possible get a good deep breath of fresh air into your lungs. You will feel instantly good. You will see.
Coffee Quest
No matter where you live i am sure there is a coffee shop or deli nearby where you can get your morning Java. Try waking up just a half hour earlier and walk for your fresh brewed cuppa. Here you are practically killing two birds with one stone because you are also getting in a bit of exercise. Boom!
Factor in Time for Something you Enjoy
Long showers accompanied by good tunes always puts me in such a good mood. If this is what it takes to help make my day go smooth then why not
Check Your Commute
Knowing of any train delays or traffic jams will make for better planning and a better commute.
Get a That Second Cup
Go a head and treat yourself to a second cup of coffee and bring one for your office mate as well. Nothing will make you feel as good as brightening someone else’s Monday.

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