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2015 is finally here! And there is so much to be done. A brand new year filled with many blank pages eagerly awaiting to be filled! I’m anxiously excited. This year i have set some pretty high goals for myself and i’m eager to get started.  Can you sense my excitement in those last few paragraphs?

Topping my list this year is getting back to the corporate workforce. I was a bit apprehensive about sharing this bit but i believe the universe is always listening and i want be loud and clear about my intensions. In 2015 i wish to return to an exciting career in adverting/promotions/PR communications and my first step into creating a good and positive 2015, is by developing good daily habits. I want to follow a routine that would enrich my days, that will push me forward and feed my curiosity. Here is a few ways i have decided to go about it.

Jesus Calling | Enjoying Peace in His Presence
Building a better relationship with God

My sisters gave me this book over the Christmas holiday.  It’s a 365-day devotional reading of the Good Book. I tend to not ever talk religion, politics, and money, three things my mother always told me i should respect.  However for this instance i wanted you to see how i share my moments with God. Its minimal but it’s my way… and it feels good.

Reestablishing my love of reading

“A novel of the first order, a work of extraordinary art, a thing of exceptional beauty.” – Pat Conroy

Right before the year ended i asked my facebook friends to share some of their favorite reads and one that stood-out in particular what SHANTARAM, a recommendation by my friend Jade who said “Hands down the best book i’ve ever read. I’ve read it twice and filled the book with tons of notes and underlined quotes.  I’d call this a fictional autobiography that is impossible to put down.”

Daily Notes
Staying on top of things and followthrough’s

I’m pretty big on this. I’m not a consistent note keeper but you can bet i always have a notepad readily accessible for when inspiration hits me.  I love choosing ones with creative covers. It gives me a slight thrill to turn the pages and write down whatever hits me at the moment.
And so there you have it. What are you doing to help get your year started on a positive note? Remember to allow yourself to be expressive and uninhibited. Don’t let fear hold you down. It can all be within your reach if you work hard and believe in yourself.
Happy New Year Lovers!

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