I thoroughly enjoy visiting my local thrift shop from time-to-time. The excitement of the unknown and slightly creepy, the gem finds and the what-the-hell-is-this-suppose-to-be moments… yes, the thrift-shop can be an thrilling place to be.  Just ask Macklemore.  I found this pretty vintage plaid button-down blouse sometime last year at my local shop and have been meaning to add a little life to it ever since – i just forgot all about it until recently.

It’s a lovely little number with a lot of potential.  This simple DIY project can be done with any of your existing pieces that just need a little sprucing up.  What attracted me most about this particular 70’s vintage top was its feminine ruffled yoke collar and cuffs.  The plaid pattern is made of several shades of blues, reds and greens but what stands out the most are the thin golden lines throughout brightening the entire piece. What better way to highlight this feature than with gold buttons.
I visited the Garment District for ideas.  The garment district is the mecca for fashion designers and can be quite overwhelming if you haven’t got a clue what to look for.  As i was on a mission i simply walked into Pacific Trimming, grabbed what i needed and ran.  I feared for my bank account.  I found pretty golden quilted stud buttons perfect for my DIY.

What follows next are the super-easy step by step to revive this slightly dated piece.

Pacific Trimming.  The possibilities are endless.

The selection.
The perfect match.
Tools: needle and thread, new buttons.
Remove all buttons from blouse.

All gone.
New Buttons!
Patiently hand-sew each new button on replacing the old boring ones.
The finished cuff.  So pretty.
The blouse is made of a really light fabric so its perfect for summer/fall season.
Easy as 1 -2 -3

I hope you enjoyed yet another easy DIY project from yours truly.  Now go look in your closet or visit your local thrift shop for some good finds and show me how you bring them back to life.

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