Guys, i finally got around to ordering business cards for my little blog. I feel so important. They are a bit more colorful than i expected but still, i’m quite happy with what i got. This is a big step for me and now its just a matter of spreading the word and continuing to grow Chattering Gem. 
I’m so very proud of where it is right now – a little window of my life from me to you. I hope that what i continue to deliver finds a way to peek your interest… or at least entertains you on some level. 

Thanks those of you who continuously visit Chattering Gem. LOVE YOU MADLY!
Now on to get some great sponsors/advertisers to work with. I’ve already had the great pleasure of working with SOYJOY. (thank you SOYJOY)

Make it a Great One Lovers

2 thoughts on “In Business”

  1. Thanks again for the reco Angie. These cards are so much fun and so cute.
    Thank God all is well on my end. hopefully i can get this little blog to grow some more. Hope things are well with you as too.


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