Yesterday i woke up with the most excruciating back pain.  The kind where if you take a deep breath you swear it’ll be your last.  And no, i am not being dramatic.  I laid flat on the cold floor for an hour answering emails, canceling engagements, and wondering if my roommate would find me before i died right then and there – alright, now i’m being dramatic.  But i was (and partially still am) in a lot of pain.  A warm bath, hot tea, gas pills, laying down… nothing helped.  My sleep was restless but i am a lot better this morning.

In the midst of it all i braved my way to a commitment i had made weeks in advanced.  I really wanted to go and i refused to stay incarcerated by my aging back.  So i slowly hunched my way to Macy’s Herald Square, toward the Benefit Cosmetic counter where ZYRTEC along with its ambassador, Hispanic beauty expert blogger Carmen Ordonez from Viva Fashion, were on hand to offer some fun and glamourous makeup tips for those allergy day when you’re just not feeling yourself.
Carmen Ordonez of Viva Fashion helping me choose my look.


With the beautiful Carmen Ordonez
On hand were several ZYRTEC representatives willing to answer any of your allergy questions, professional makeup artist ready to beat a new face into you, and gorgeous arrangement of flowers surrounding the space served as a beautiful distraction. Oh yes, i forgot to mention, it was also The Macy’s Flower Show ‘Secret Garden’ display.
I went for the ‘Red Carpet Ready’ look.  I figured just because i felt like crap i should look like crap.


I’m an allergy sufferer and a ZYRTEC fan and user.  As i got older my allergies seemed to increase and effectively hinder my days by annoying the heck out of me.  My sexy runny nose and chronic coughs are to be reckoned with.  I always found that ZYRTEC offered the best relief for me.  Also, funny they would partner with benefit cosmetics, i thought, as i am an avid user of their ooh la lift brightening boost, especially during allergy battling season.  I find that it helps and reduce the appearance of death on my face.  Here are photos of my hour of freedom.
Have a lovely day lovers.

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