On Monday January 21st, our 44th president was sworn in for his second term as the President of the United States of America!… And then the world was suddenly eager to know who Michelle Obama will be wearing for 2nd Inaugural Ball. 

Drum roll please…

Michelle Obama again chooses a creation by designer Jason Wu for her 2nd Inaugural Ball! Hip Hip Hooray! 
I’m reading reports that it is a halter ruby red chiffon with velvet details. Jimmy Choo shoes and an armful of sparkly bangles adds to the finishing touch.

As expected the First Lady looks stunning in her gown and the halter top shows off those oh so toned arms. And please let’s not touch on the subject of her new fringe(or bangs if you prefer) which is all the rave in the fashion world. She makes us proud.

Her first inaugural gown by the designer Jason Wu can currently be viewed at the smithsonian along with all the other first lady gowns of past.

Congratulations Jason Wu! 
I’m sure you’re over the moon beaming with pride. 

Here‘s a look back at a few of my favorite inaugural gowns of First Ladies past including our current First Lady’s dress.

image source: new york times

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