I recently read this article on how we go through such lengths to achieve the perfect instagram photo and its so accurate.  According to my instagram i live a charmed life.  It’s all aesthetically correct with just the right filters, the right angles, the right products.  It’s such a mind-game but we’ve all fallen prey to it and secretly squeal each time we get a like.  The goal after all is to see “how many likes i can get!”

I love photography and can boast having a good good-eye.  I know my angles and i know what looks good so i’m on to this game, i’m into this game, i can play this game… and this is how the pretty little number above came about.  Truth be told i never even sat down and its certainly not my best work, but i was pretty damn pleased with the results.  As soon as i got my shot i picked my coffee and magazine and threw myself on the sofa.  Oh the charmed life.

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