Known as the world’s “Greatest Living Guitarist”, Jose Feliciano has been hard at work in the development of his own personal line of guitars.  With a scheduled appearance on QVC for Tuesday the 22nd at 6:30 PM (EST), Mr. Feliciano is now ready to personally introduce us with his work.  I say way to go Mr. Feliciano! It’s about time. 

The acoustic guitars will be offered in two types of finish: “New Moon Ebony Black” and “Purely Natural Blonde.”  Also included will be an easy-to-follow instructional work shop along with other fun goodies.  (I’m wondering if he’s going to include the strum patterns for “Feliz Nividad”?  There’s plenty of time to get it right before Christmas…I digress.)

For more details on what to expect you can visit his page here or just watch QVC on the 22nd to get the real deal.  Congratulations Señor Feliciano!

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