I can finally share my first JOYTESTER challenge of 2012 with you. Flying Trapeze!!! Can you imagine!? SO much fun!  Below is a small blurb. Be sure to click on the ‘continue’ link directing you to full blog post. You want to do this. There’s a pretty funny video included. Thank goodness i have a good sense of humor about myself. Ha!

Thank you again, SOYJOY – this was one of the most fun days of my life.
It’s Here!
The day finally arrived. I was presented with my first official challenge as a SOJOY JOYTESTER! To say I was super thrilled would certainly be an understatement. I’ve been eagerly waiting my turn since the beginning of the year, and here it is. You may recall back in January I mentioned how thrilled I was to be one of five SOYJOY JOYTESTERS given the challenge of helping you find real joy in YOUR everyday life.If at any moment my little excursions, experiments, DIY projects, happy moments, photography, and quotes bring a little JOY or smile into your life, then I’m doing my job well… and quite proud I am to do so. Click the link below footage.

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