How was my weekend you ask?  Well, here’s some of it – all in it’s glorious randomness.

Rejoiced after finding a long lost sweatshirt given to me a few years back while in Paris.  “Trust the Buzz” is a rallying call to Passion and Action used as a platform to showcase budding talents.

Went on a search for just the right Autumn jacket.  This was the clear winner – another awesome score from Loehmann’s.
Last minute press pass for the store opening of ROOKIES USA in the Upper West side.
Here Knicks Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire children modeled as part of a kids’ fashion show celebrating the Grand Opening of the high-end children’s clothing store, ROOKIE USA, in the Upper West Side. 
It was clear the kids were having a good time and the slew of fans awaiting outside to see their sports hero was really invigorating. It was a well put-together event and the store itself boasts’ an excellent assortment of kids athletic wear featuring all the well-known brands.
Proud Mom La La Anthony ending the fashion show 
Yours truly
Saturday afternoon was a celebration of the $40 Million revitalization of the Public Theater. They celebrated by hosting a block party and open house. It was a great day to be out with family and friends.
My dear friend, Sasha Allen was the featured artist of the event having had a great history working with the Public Theater and the Broadway show HAIR.
Is exactly what it was.  Lazy Sunday. I did absolutely nothing but lay around, eat, nap, and catch up to my favorite sitcoms. In all it was a great weekend.
But now its Monday and back to the grind grind grind.

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