Hey guys! And so here we are again, another Monday and a week from moving day. This will likely be the most stressful week of my year. This week is where i take on the task of packing my entire one bedroom apartment by myself all while attempting to maintaining some sanity.  Just Breathe.

My roommate-to-be, Kinsey, told me she read that moving is the third most stressful life event anyone could experience, this right after bereavement as number one and dealing with debt as number two. Well, believe me when i say i am an expert in all three having dealt with it all just in the last year or so. Just Breathe.
Needless to say the blogging will be at a minimum this week as i don’t think i will have time for much. I will be a little more active on my twitter and instagram. Be prepared for some randomness and ranting of pure frustration. Just Breathe.
Wish me luck guys and send me some good energy. I will need it. Oh, and if anyone wants to come help me pack then get your asses over here!

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