Yesterday while on my train ride into the city i began to reflect on how i’ve neglected my NYC Music Scene series. It is one of the main reasons i started this blog; my eternal love for music.  I felt very guilty.  I have no real excuse. However, as of late it has become a bit tedious finding the time to check out new bands and since i’m surrounded by musicians, i don’t really feel like i’m missing out on much. But i am. I’m missing out on a lot.

I hope to tap into that musical side of me once more.  In fact, I may have something brewing quite soon.  A very brand new band.  Their hunger, energy, and eagerness for what they are creating is contagious. More on that later.

Kings of Leon is on my top 10 list of most favorite rock bands. I believe i have all of their albums and i’m eagerly anticipating their latest work, “Mechanical Bull”.  I was lead to this video of the boys doing a magnificent cover of Robyn’s electro-pop classic “Dancing On My Own.” The tempo was slowed down and then there’s Caleb’s voice. Enough said! Watch and enjoy!

ps. i feel like i’m inundating you with a lot of videos lately. I’ll stop soon i promise.

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