Just a couple of facts shared by Dr. M. Sanjayan, spoke person and lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy.

Dr. M. Sanjayan, along with actress Kristen BellNuetrogena Natural’s newest Brand Ambassador were on hand to support the “Style and Beauty for the Planet” event held at Eventi Hotel, helping to launch the All Hands on Earth Campaign, discussing how water conservation intersects with beauty and fashion products.

Dr. M. Sanjayan and Kristen Bell took to the stage to explain some of the current domestic water issues  and provided small solutions that we, as individuals, can do to help and make a difference.
It was a great and informative evening. I was honored to volunteer my time and be a part of this important platform, and to be amongst the few and only Hispanic bloggers in attendance. Being a long time user of their products, it was especially thrilling seeing Neutrogena’s involvement in such an important cause. And of course, meeting Kristen Bell was a super special treat – she was absolutely lovely and very kind.
Style and Beauty are a part of my daily life – learning about The Nature Conservancy and Neutrogena’s involvement, well, it all seems like a perfect mix.

For more information on how to help conserve and save the planet, please visit TNC website or call 703-841-5839

Kristen was really so sweet and really pretty. I learned later that she did her very own make up. I was totally impressed.
My new friend Don. He’s the reason i got the courage to ask for a photo with Kristen and well, he was just beside himself once he got his photo. I can guarantee he’ll be talking about this for day.
THE NATURE CONSERVANCY ENVISIONS A WORLD where forest, grasslands, deserts, rivers and oceans are healthy; where the connection between natural systems and the quality of human life is valued; and where the places that sustain all life endure for future generations.
Images 1-3 Photo credit: Jason Kempin/WireImages for The Nature Conservancy 

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