My Instagram feed easily covers 80% other and 20% macaroons.  It’s a challenge my sweet tooth and my too large hips face daily – the challenge not to up and run and stock up on those enticing technicolor bite-size pieces of heaven.  ‘Sugar is bad’ is what i chant to myself in hopes of diversion but tell me, how can something so pretty, so dainty, and so tasty be bad for you?  I don’t believe it.  Denial is my friend.

So i’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this past week, pretty sick with a bad case of allergies and even had a rough bout of the 24hr flu and i’m still not quite 100%.  But i knew i needed to get out of my funk and treat myself to something special that wasn’t a piece of clothing item.  I have been meaning to visit the new Ladurée SOHO location and there was not time like the present:  So far i have under my belt Ladurée at the Palace of Versailles in Paris and yes, i made that obnoxious 40min line when the exotic imports first crossed over to american soil and settled on Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side.  I must say i was pretty proud to sport that tiny mint bag as i walked the streets.
This SOHO location is my favorite so far as you can actually sit and enjoy a cup of tea while you snack on your favorite flavored macaroon.  I shyly snapped a few photos as i waited my turn, selected the size and box i wanted – a box that will eventually become my business card holder – and happily made my way home where i made my own personal tea time set up. I know, i can be pretty dorky at times.

The little things in life such as treating yourself to things to you love goes a long way.  That simple action put me in such a good mood for the rest of the week… we all must really make a much better effort of treating ourselves well.  Do what we love and love what we do.

Ladurée SOHO
The treasure box


Tasty delights
Have a great weekend lovers!

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