Yesterday, Wednesday September 18, i was amongst those in attendance at Gary’s Loft for the Downy‘s “Enamorate de tu closet! Evento de Medios” (Fall in love with your closet! Media Event) hosted by Fashion Designer Lauren Conrad. The event served as the launch for the Pinterest sweepstake #ClosetLoveAffair.
Starting today you can enter the Downy #ClosetLoveAffiar sweepstakes on Pinterest for the opportunity to see which scent combination of Downy Infusions and Downy Unstoppable best inspires your current wardrobe.  The campaign and sweepstakes encourages you to reignite your love affair with the clothes already in your closet. With every unique repin, pinners will be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Kohl’s to purchase items including those from LC Lauren Conrad collection.

 Lauren’s partnership with Downy was personal and relatable as she stood sharing anecdotes of growing up with Downy in the household and the importance of caring for your clothes.  At one point she mentions doing her laundry incorrectly. This struck a chord.  When i had the chance to speak with her personally i mentioned that i had a similar story, ironically for almost a year when i first “learned” to do laundry, i was doing so using only Downy, no detergent. True Story.

Gary’s loft provided for a beautiful space to display some colorful and delightfully smelling backdrop. this consisted of portable closets each with an assortment of wearable items and representing a favorite Downy Infusions and Unstoppable scent.
I love the sort of ghostly image on the left.
 My lovely date for the day, Miss Kaitlyn who had me laughing thoroughly as she introduced herself as, Kaitly, HoneyBadger.  That’s the name of her rock band. You gotta love it. Ha!
All photos by Jahaira Hooker. Please do not use without permission.

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