Leo and Kevin
I remember when you were about to be born i said two things: it better be born on Leap Day and it better NOT be a girl – i’m the only girl in this family, damn it! When you did all these things i knew i would like you immediately.  Dad’s words to me when you finally made it: “he’s long and skinny like an Italian bread…” Hmmm, k… thanks for that reference, Dad (disturbed).

Growing up you were the cutest baby EVER and I used to love carrying you around! Listening to you learn to speak was the best because you spoke in the 3rd person, “Kevin wants down… Kevin wants milk”. Total awesomeness.
As you grew you became that crazy and gross little boy that would dare to do anything…and so of course i lost interest in you. You eventually got ugly – yeah weren’t so cute anymore – but thankfully you grew out of that too. And i can say this cause i’m your sister.
Now fast forward to today and look at you!!! This handsome man! I’m going to have to screen all your girlfriends. You have a good heart and an amazing spirit, Kevin. Don’t ever change.
I love you madly and hope you have a blast on your day… especially since you only get one real birthday every four years.
Happy 20th (or 5th) Birthday, my dear baby brother Kevin. 

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