It is officially the start of baseball season.  I am Yankees fan and yesterday I went to my first game of the season against the Blue Jays. We won.  Of course. Yesterday was also my second day of freedom after a weeklong self-imposed locked down. Why? Well, if you follow me on twitter or facebook, by now you should know that I’m following the 10 days Master Cleanse program, or if you prefer, the Beyonce diet.
It’s not as difficult at it seem and by far the most unpleasant part of the process is the salt water flush. Yuck. The most appealing and surprising part is being able to maintain my energy level… allowing me to continue with the gym. And of course the weight loss is also a plus. But don’t be fooled – you can and will gain it all back just as quickly as you loose. The trick is to maintain a low calorie diet after the cleanse and continuing exercising.

It requires a lot of disciple but i’m willing to stick with it. I don’t believe in depriving myself of food (I LOVE FOOD) but everything in moderation from now on. If you wish to follow the cleanse, I got some great information from the Stanley Burrough site and here for what to do after. Good luck!
Here now are some photos from yesterday’s game. I tried very hard with my little camera to get a good shot of Derek Jeters’ and Alex Rodriguez’ ass but these are all I could manage.
Play Ball!





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