San Gennaro Festival an annual salute to the Patron Saint of Naples and one of the many charms of New York City. I look forward to it each year: the food, the culture, the colors, the nifty finds, the carnival feel.  I love it all! I needed this; I needed something distracting like you would not have imagined. I know it sounds silly but I made me grateful for the little blessings in my life.

 … and dude walks right into my pic! But he was cute… so I kept him. Unfortunately not literally. 
Our first stop was at The Market NYC. DANGER. I picked up this flexible and delicate woven, golden ring with which I’m entirely enamored.  There were so many other great pieces similar to this. Sadly the designer did not have a business card or a website to share. Shame. But he assured me he’s always at the market. OK by me.
I met this jewelry designer, Michelle Zimmerman of Delicate Raymond and totally fell in love with her Vintage Monogram Collection. I’ve been searching for a delicate dime-size gold neckless with just my initial for quite some time and this is it! Visit her website – she has quite the clientele. I will be placing an order soon but first I simply had to share. 
(Photo: take from DR site. I altered a bit to match the others)
And off we go into the fun unknown. I hate crowds but I didn’t mind this one a bit. Oh and believe me when I say, there more more than a few Snooky out in the crowd. SMH.
ZEPPOLE!!! To me this is what marks a festival. Without this it would be nothing. Just my humble opinion. Wish I had taken a better picture. But it still looks delicious, no.
This takes me back….
The random stuff: this was a horse hand string puppet. They had color chickens or rooster as well but they were traumatizing to look at. Trust me… you wouldn’t have been able to sleep. Think freaky chicken clown. Ugh!
Magnets. So cheesy I love it. I got two of the lady bugs for my kitchen. 🙂
Stuffed with festival food we continued and made the inevitable stop at Rice to Riches (because it’s like right there). We then walked into a quaint little shop called Tierra.  We were warmly greeted and given a scented  flower. This made me giggle. I’m easily amused. Anyone who knows me well, knows that the smallest things make me happy. I had so much fun browsing I found it hard not to walk out with a piece, as you can see. I’ve already made a mental note to return soon and pick up some more trinkets. This place is a treat. Visit the website and you will get an idea of what to expect. LOVE!
Finally exhausted after a full day of events we are ready to head home. But not before running into these sexy leather clutches, bags and belts by Dutchess Design. Marvelous! Each piece was genuinely unique. Modeling this awesomeness of a bag is fashion stylist and art director, Griffin Direction. I quickly fell in love with him. If I could pocket and take him with me everywhere, life would be grand.
And so there you have it! My fun day with a dear friend and with a festival and people that filled my heart. Again, I needed this so much. I hope you enjoyed it.

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