What started out as a somewhat disastrous week (FYI drama is what I do) ended with it being one of the most perfect New York City type weekend.  Friends, music and lots of booze included. But first my drama.
For over a week now I’ve endured a mysterious abdominal pain that has pretty much taken over my life (the drama again). Doctor visits ensued in which I was prodded with needless, practiced on by a junior nurse, given meds that took me to a happy place (it really wasn’t that happy), and forced to drink half a gallon of orange flavored liquid chalk, yes chalk. I’m convinced. And finally shoved into a tube where I was scanned like a cheap secondhand college paper. And although all results were negative we still don’t have a source for the pain. I’m thoroughly convinced I’m becoming a case for Dr. House. PAGING DR. HOUSE!

Now for the perfect weekend: Sometimes the simple little things like a great afternoon with friends can make all your troubles seem to disappear. A dear friend hosted one of her annual rooftop BBQ this weekend and it was absolutely delightful. It was perfect! It was nothing grand or out of the ordinary, just a magical evening with great friends. It was also one of the first days in over a week in which I had absolutely no pain. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. So no more woe is me!

Cherry tomato & chopped spinach mixed with light olive oil and pepper. YUM!
Our lovely host, Ana. She’s from Spain so of course we would also continue celebrating their World Cup Win. The celebration may never end. Sigh!

Moi! My friend says I look like I’m wearing a rejected curtain. :-/
I think I look cute, no?

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