Life’s a gamble. Ha! I thought that would be a nice opener for my pic.
I think this is a great shot, don’t you. Yesterday my friend Vanessa invited me to a small industry get-together – it was casino night  – and she got 21!
It was one of those unpredictable days starting with a dentist visit and ending with shrieking and tuneless open mic singers. In between that was the casino themed cocktail party, an attempt to see The Roots at the Blue Note, quick drinks and chicken wings at the Fat Black Pussycat, and a pointless religious banter between Vanessa and let’s call him, R. 
Again pointless. I stray away from any sort of religious topics. Too personal and too controversial. My basic opinion: no one really knows for sure because the Bible was written by man… and is subject to an individuals interpretation.
Aside from that the day was great! I even tried to squeeze in a mini Pop-Up Piano crawl around the city. I hope to have a full post on that sometime soon. I LOVE NY!

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