Sometimes life has other plans and you just have to move with the flow. I’m in Miami once more and this time with my cousins for what was intended as a girls trip / let’s visit our grandma and spoil her a bit. We imagined daily home cooked breakfast made by us for our grandma, beach filled days, drunken afternoons and yummy dinners.  And then life…

I am grateful to share that our grandma is doing really great today after a few excruciating days of not knowing what to expect. Yes, that bad. And so this short trip did not turn out as planned. We’ve had to do some alterations. Beaches, drunken afternoons and yummy dinners are still part of the plan, they just now include daily hospital visits and for me… i’m living the life of a nomad. I’m practically living out of the rental car. Yup, showers at the hotel on SOBE and sleepless nights at the hospitals with grams. Whews!
A little faith, prayers and lots of determination has helped our family get through these past eight months. Its been an ongoing battle but the biggest trooper of them all has been our ill matriarch. I’ve said it before and i will continue to say this, she’s one of the most amazing and bravest person i know. Our hero. And with all this i can’t help but think that there was a reason why we booked this flight around this time.
Don’t forget to love and SHOW your LOVE for your loved ones DAILY…. for life is fleeting.

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