The spirit of community is strong in New York and everyone is doing their part to try and bring some normalcy to those directly affected by hurricane Sandy.  I am blessed to have come unscathed and wanted to give back in someway or the other.  As i searched for groups and organizations to join and volunteer my time i reached out to some friends i knew would, hands down, have some involvement in helping these displayed victims.  It’s just in their nature.

I came across so many incredible groups but in all i decided to join forces and volunteer my time with Airbnb’s effort, but first a quick shout out to a couple very impressionable ladies in my life:
Aurora: as your name defines you, you are a natural electrical phenomenon.  Your heart knows no boundaries and your raiser sharp wit is one to be reckoned with.
Sheila: I am forever in awe of you.  I learn so much from you each time and this with just a mere five minutes within your presence.  I am convinced you will help and change the world someday.
Now back to Airbnb…
Earlier in the week Airbnb sent an email blast asking its New York based members to join in all day drive/cook-off where donations were collected and meals were prepared to aid in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  This took place on Thursday, 11/09.  All food and donations were distributed the following day to the most hardest hit areas in need.
My time with all these incredible individuals who stopped by to prepare meals and packed goods was the most invaluable time i have spent in quite a while.  I forgot how good it feels to give back and this feeling emanated strongly throughout the room.  You saw it immediately on those new-comers who would stagger into the room slightly displaced but yet eager to help… less than minute later slapping on some latex glove and easily joining in and being part of a productive table.
In addition to the food drive Airbnb is also offering something quite incredible via their very generous hosts: they have partnered with Mayor Bloomberg’s office to make free places to stay available for those directly affected by Hurricane Sandy.  See link here –>
To date over 630 Airbnb members have already opened up their homes for free.  This is just incredible to me.  Now a couple of points on how you can participate;
  • If you know someone that needs a place please direct them to this link. Or, find a place for them if they are without power/internet.
  • If you know someone willing to open their home, please refer them to the link to set up a listing.
Everyone hard at work at their individual stations
Kitchen prep and some finished products
Hard at work making endless batches of fresh baked cookies
Chopping nuts is hard work
So much heart went into all of this
Our fair-less leader, Sheila (who will hate me for this shot) and the gracious host to lend her outstanding loft, Michelle.

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