On our fourth day we took the early EuroStar from Paris to London arriving mid afternoon. We quickly figured out the Tube and found our hotel. Once settled we decided to explore central London a bit for a little shopping near Piccadilly.  By late evening we were on our way to the West End to visit and see my friend Sasha Allen who was staring on the Broadway show HAIR.

Our itinerary for the next day was filled with adventures. It was an overcast day, mostly a light drizzle but we were prepared.  We had purchased 20 day bus tour that would take us to the Stonehenge where we would walk around and eat lunch – later the tour took us to Buckingham palace.  It was a fun, wet, and exhausting day.  That night we skipped dinner and just ordered room service instead and then straight to bed.
For our third and final day we visited the London Eye. Its the only way to truly see the beauty that is this magnificent city.  We then strolled the South Bank bumping into book fairs, street vendors and whatnots.  By late afternoon we made our way to Portobello road where we saw some of the most beautify homes. The colors were just so vibrant and inviting.  It was at this moment that London stole my heart forever.
The entire time we were there we tried and tried several times to find Abby Road where the Beatles famously crossed the street.  No luck.  And at one point Mishelle and i even got stuck on the Tube as it went out of service.  As New Yorkers this did not faze us at all. We existed the train and chanced it by finding a bus we hoped took us to our neighborhood.  This despite it being two in the morning.  Good times!
London was amazing for me despite the damp weather.  I loved every minute of it.
On our final night we quickly packed it all up. There’s an early flight the following day that will be taking us directly to Amsterdam.

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