“Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?  Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? ~ Ariel
Too much is never enough.  This wisdom is applied to shoes and jewelry… and chocolate and wine… I digress.  This may easily be an ongoing theme for the blog… where from time to time i get to share some of my pretty jewelry finds. Here are my latest pretties.  Clearly i’m on the non-traditional side of accessorizing – i prefer things a bit more edgy.

The rope earrings and the scissor charmed necklace was a major score at the Brooklyn Flea (again in BK).  If you haven’t yet made your way there, you must.  You simply must.  So much goodness and creativity.  If you don’t physically walk out with something i promise your brain will be brimming with DIY ideas.  That’s a promise.
And as for my latest obsession: this hollow, letter branded, brass bullet necklace i picked up at The Market NYC on Bleeker street.  It’s about 20in long and super light.  So very clever and creative.  Nothing violent about it despite what it was originally intended for.  LOVE.
I love finding special little gems like these and discovering new markets.  Just another New York City perk i suppose.

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