Finally!  I own a piece of Made by Girl.  I have been eyeing this LOVE sign ever since i first became an avid follower and fan of Jen Ramos’ blog and twitter.  I entertained myself with a weekly stalking session of the Made by Girl site for pretty things i would dream about and then add to my wish list – the ultimate, the Coco & Hearts site who’s pages are filled with the most yummy and tantalizing paintings.   I would basically salivate and declare that one day i shall own an original Jen Ramos painting – i am still working on this.

Yes, a painting is my ultimate goal but a Gold LOVE sign is where i wanted to start.  Little steps.  Little successful steps.  I am a happy gal and i can’t stop staring at my new acquisition.  This currently sits prettily a top my nightstand.  This and my fresh flowers are what i now wake up too each morning.  It’s a beautiful reminder and inspiration to be thankful for another day and to continuously share the LOVE.
The weekend is now here lovers.  Enjoy, make the best of it and have a blast.  Picnics, beaches and dinners are in my immediate future.  Hope yours is a good one as well.


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