You know its a good day when you receive a shipment of goodies from the Hershey’s company. Chocolate chips, Kisses, and Cocoa powder (including recipe cards) awaited me at my doorsteps! And we all know how much i love following a good recipe. Best of all i received the parcel just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday! It was a good situation all around.

For several years now i have self-assigned myself to contributing a homemade dessert towards the Thanksgiving meal lineup. After receiving my Hershey’s goodies i knew right then and there what my contribution would be, a chocolate cake!

But it didn’t happen that way.

My chocolate cake idea got vetoed without a second thought or consideration. Apparently this year there seemed to be a dessert overload at the table. So i consulted the weak spot, my uncle. He voted for brownies because they were his favorite and who wouldn’t love a good browny dish made from scratch.  Did i mention made from scratch?

You don’t need to know more other than we were on chocolate overload over how delicious they came out.  I know Hershey’s had a lot to do with it but i would also like to think all the love i put in it made for a good and successful browny dish.

Click here to see the recipe i followed for The Ultimate Chocolate Brownies!

I’m happy that i still have some more remaining. Lot’s of holiday parties to attend and i can’t possibly show up empty handed now can i.  Thanks Hershey’s for making my life a little sweeter.

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