The Clipper City
A week ago i was on the phone with my friend Brad bitching over the heat and my then lack of an AC unit. In the midst of our chat i received an email inviting me aboard the Clipper City Tall Ship for a MANHATTAN by SAIL cruise of the Harbor. I was enticed with the promise of beautiful views of the city while getting to enjoy craft beer tasting, and great food. I interrupted our chat and asked him if he wouldn’t mind being my date/photographer for the day. I think i sold him at free beer and sail.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and i am on three hours of sleep, slightly miserable, and sitting on the doc with Brad, waiting for our ship to sail.  I had no expectations – I was barely alive. Come noon we set sail.

This was not a guided tour but the crew was very well versed on their surroundings and more than willing to satisfy our curiosity. Part of the experience included a craft beer tasting presented by the experts of Urban Oyster. We sampled several types of beer from breweries based in upstate new york, Ithaca being one of these, and nibbled on cheese and charcuterie.  Now factor no breakfast, two hours on the Harbor, and lots of beer…yeah, it was a good time.

It wasn’t overly crowded so we were able to move about the ship freely. The weather was in our favor and all aboard were having a genuine good time. We tend to take a lot of things for granted and not realize there is so much we could do in this beautiful city. This ride aboard the City Clipper is one of them.

Following are some photos of our time on board along with little anecdotes. But first, a few things to note when considering this:

  • Perfect for the jaded new yorker who doesn’t take advantage of all the city has to offer
  • Perfect for celebrating a milestone (as were the nice couple we met celebrating their anniversary)
  • Perfect for a family afternoon outing
  • Perfect for visiting friends and relatives to enjoy a spectacular view of the skyline
  • Go for the noon scheduled departure. Less people. Less stuffy.
Don’t be fooled by my cheeriness. That’s just the ice coffee doing its job and Brad forcing me to smile. But i was starting to come a live at this point, though. Ha!
The beer tasting started almost immediately upon stepping foot on board. There was no time or beer to be wasted. Here is our beer expert and captain giving us a little talk on what to expect of the next couple of hours.

The men were invited to help hoist the sail.

This was pretty neat to watch. At this point i’m on my second wind. I’m alive!
New York City. I’d like to think that i am amongst its biggest cheerleader.
Our Craft Beer expert (i forgot his name. sorry.)
Our lady Liberty. She’s quite grand and beautiful up close.
The mandatory “take my pic with the Statue of Liberty in the background” shot.
It truly was a glorious day to go sailing. So happy i had this experience.
There she is!
No tour is complete without a cheesy framed shot of you in front of the ship. This is a winner folks. There was no way i wasn’t going to walk away with a copy. I still look at it and giggle. It’s lovely memory to have.
I want to thank the entire crew of the Clipper City and the staff of the Urban Oyster for such a wonderful experience. Thank you for having us on board. Thank you Ellen for being so gracious helpful and welcoming. And thank you New York for being so amazing. I fall more in love with you each day. I had a spectacular time with MANHATTAN by SAIL and I have been recommending it to friends and family and will gladly take another trip in the future.
Photo credit: Bradley Martocello

My outfit: Kate Spade New York Sunnies | Forever 21 Romper & Jewelry | Skinny belt (loaner from roommate)

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