Comedy shows are not really my thing.  I mean, I don’t ever go out of my way to see a show… as I would for a concert.  Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it.  I’m good friends with the owners and staff of the Comedy Cellar, and so as a perk I’ve had the opportunity to see Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Darrell Hammond (I missed Chappelle twice and that pissed me the hell off). The big names usually show up unannounced to try out their new material.  The Comedy Cellar is like going back home for most of them.  No judgements.  

You  can also always count on a great lineup with regulars like Dave Attell, Colin Quinn, Jim Norton and many more.   This leads me to Marina.  I LOVE MARINA! I can never really have a straight conversation with her without hyperventilating in laughter.  And we do a mean Karaoke duet of “Last Dance.” She’s always on the road somewhere so its cool to randomly catch run into her.  I had no idea about this but I seems she’s partnered with Jay Leno’s new show for a segment called, “Marina Franklin – Change in Harlem”.   LMAO!!!

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