I’m on a mason jar high.  Why?  Because I scored five of these classic glass containers for the low low price of… wait for it… 99 cents each!!  That’s right damn it, 99 cent. Where? I’ll never tell. 
First things first, i never knew or understood the obsession with Mason Jars until i started my own little collection.  Guys, there are tumblr pages and blogs dedicated to these clever little storage contains!  Who knew?! I didn’t.

The use for Mason Jars are endless – all you require is a little imagination. At this time i am using mine as an open storage/display for my SOYJOY bars and as a flower vase.  The smaller jars are being used as a candy cane bowl/storage, twizzler holder and as a standard drinking glass.  But there’s so much more that can be done. So much more.  

I can see why repurposing Mason Jars can very well have its own dedicated blog, like this website… insanity. Guys, my brain is about to explode with all the possibilities.
Yes, all my jars came with its own lid. Happy Dance.
It’s almost the weekend. Hang in there. I might just dedicate mine to more Mason Jars projects. 😉

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