I’m once again on the Master Cleanse and i have to say it has been a lot easier to maintain than my first attempt a year ago.  Last year’s cleanse was rough but i was able to endure a total of 11 days.  I felt so accomplished and proud. Plus i had a great support system.
Now, i won’t lie, my initial motives was to cheat and loose a quick 5 pounds or so, but i soon found out i was receiving a lot more benefits from it:  I felt lighter, cleaner, my skin looked fresh, gone were my random adult blemishes and i felt cleansed, yes cleansed.  I was also a lot more conscious of what i put in my body after. This lasted a good six months. My downfall was my lack of exercise and eventually caving into the fatty fried foods and pasta. The latin in me finds this impossible to resist.

I decided to give the cleanse a go again (and perhaps once every year moving forward) because i was beginning to feel so unhealthy and unmotivated.  My hours as it is are crazy.  I’m up most nights which leads me to making bad food choices.  I try to exercise often even began doing bikram but it just felt like it wasn’t enough – i knew my diet had a lot to do with it.  And so with this cleanse i hope to start anew; again eat more consciously and healthy and I hope to stay committed to my exercise and perhaps another 30 day yoga challenge.  Ha! Why not?
Today as i type this i’m on my fifth day and hope to reach 10. I’ve already rid my house of fatty stuff (which i rarely have) and made a healthy grocery list for once i’m finished. I also still have a few SOYJOY bars available that will help a great deal with staying healthy.  Having SOYJOY on hand has been a great help during those crazy last minute cravings were normally i’d run out for a slice… I know SOYOY does not beat a pizza but believe me, your body is A LOT more grateful after.
So wish me luck guys. I’m happy with where i am right now and i now i can, and will complete my personal cleanse challenge. Here’s to a healthier me. Yay!
ps. i’ve not gone completely mad. Trust me when i say there will still be pizza and burgers and buffalo wings… just in moderation.

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