Finally the days of uncomfortable summer heat and humidity is here!  The air is thick but its a welcome sign.  Winter went on for far too long and cabin fever has set in deep.  Yes, it’s only been a few days but we are milking it.  Some of us are already proudly flaunting our first layer of tan which we will be nursing and building all summer long.  Oh Joy!

As with every season’s change we do away with our winter/fall attire for something more practical and relaxed.  In that very same category is updating our cosmetic collection to something more fitting for the season: perhaps a light tinted moisturizer like my personal favorite by Laura Marcier with SPF to protect without the heaviness of your daily foundation.  It blends in lightly and provides me with even-tonned skin helping to achieve that sun-kissed look we all hope to have during the summer months.

Today I am going to share with you my latest drugstore / sephora haul of the season.  I am so very happy with my finds and remember in this instance less is absolutely more.
This is an easy to apply basic sun kissed day look that i’m really happy with. I used a couple additional pre-owned products to achieve this look. 

I should have done a before and after for better effects but here i am with the products used from my haul. I’m loving the end results.

Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer: I hate the heaviness of foundation and powder during the summer heat days.  There’s nothing attractive about a melting face. 
I walked into Sephora knowing i wanted a tube that provided me with a three-in-one daily benefit: a lightweight foundation (tinted), moisturizer, and sun protection (SPF). Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer was the answer. The result is  healthy glowing looking skin – the perfect sun-kissed complexion. Application is best done with a top foundation brush. I also picked up the PRO Flawless airbrush Fond de teint precision fini naturel 56.  It blends evenly and clean. It’s truly the best thing ever. 

Since i was hoping to achieve that perfect sun-kissed look i went for a light shimmering eye shadow in gold. I used COVERGIRL‘s flamed out shadow #320. 
RIMMEL London Natural Bronzer: I’ve never been good with bronzers but i’m a changed woman after this one.  It isn’t overly shimmery and works great as a contouring powder for your check.  The results is a light fabulous glowing tan effect.  I used Sun Dance 027.
My lashes have never looked this good! COVERGIRL’s Bombshell Volume by lashblast provides so much volume and dark intensity in one little tube, it’s like a miracle. The brilliant two-step Bombshell Boost System combines extreme volume with an intensifying top coat for big, sexy bombshell lashes. Step One: Apply the extreme volume basecoat. Step Two: Finish with the intensifying top coat.”
For the finishing touch i used this Hydrating Lip Balm by ORIGINS in ‘Berry Splash’ 06.  Not overly sticky, smells great and provided the perfect light lip tint.
RIMMEL London is my latest obsession.  I honestly visit my drugstore almost daily in search of new products.  Just for fun i picked up this RIMMEL LONDON Salon Pro nail varnish in Barmy Blue #447.  
BOSCIA Gree Tea Blotting Linens:  I bought this earlier in the year so i have not yet had a chance to use it.  I’ve read various reviews and they are all positive plus i like that its made from 100 percent natural Abaca Tree fiber. I tend to suffer from oily skin so i am hoping for good results. I will have to get back to you once i’ve tried it.
Finally i was searching for a light summer scent – not sure i achieved it with this Marc Jacobs Fragrance Perfume rollerball but i don’t care, it smell divine and just what i was looking for.

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