LA it was good to be in you – it had been too long.  I’ve been looking forward to this trip all summer and the timing could not have been more perfect.  I wasted no time in venturing out despite an exhausting 24 hours which included the six hour flight, a scheduled evening fashion event with TAGS (more on that later) and a late dinner.  I still don’t know how i managed it all. As expected i took an obnoxious amount of photos.

I’ve traveled to LA several times before but always on business which essentially meant from the airplane, to the rental, to the hotel, and finally quickly getting to the assigned work. This time i wanted to enjoy the city through the eyes of a tourist.  Leisure (i will reference that lightly) was the intent of the trip but i got much more than i bargained for.  I asked my lovely friend Anat, who served as my host and tour guide, to please make the experience and cheesy as possible and thankfully she delivered.

Here are some of my favorite scenic moments while driving through the streets of LA.  I can’t explain the sence of calm and belonging i had during my entire stay.  I was literally in zen mode.  Topping off my trip was the excitement in catching up with some old NYC friends who have made the coastal switch. I wont lie when i say i pretty much envied their productive yet chilled lifestyle. I’m certainly missing out on something here.

I will go into that portion of my trip for a follow up blog post but for now lets just ooh and aah over the pretty scenic pics and how warm and calm you will feel once you’re done scrolling through the images.

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