A black sky threatening storm above a beautiful scenery…. this was actually quite metaphorical for my family this past week.
If you read my previous post you will know that my family recently experienced yet another scare with the matriarch of our family. She’s been quite ill this past year but you would hardly know as she’s ever the sharp, witty and fiercely independent lady. And also quite stubborn in sharing her ailments. Frustrating. Today she’s great and we are a bit at ease but it’s an ongoing battle; each new day is a triumph… literally. The love of family is STRONG.

 With a heavy weight off our shoulders (for the time being), my cousins and i were now able to make the best of our mini girls trip and enjoyed all that South Beach had to offer. It was a first for my little cousin; at 25 it was her first time absorbing and experiencing SOBE. Thrilling for her…a nightmare for me. She’s gorgeous and i was afraid i would have to fight-off the flocks of men that surrounded her. Ugh! And besides, I’m not a real fan of SOBE – having lived in Miami a good part of my life i’m SO unimpressed and over it. But we had a good time. We rented bikes, tanned, walked around a bit and just took in the great weather. Free drinks at the Ganservoort and the occasional yummy home cooked meals rounded up our low key trip.
Here are some fun shots of our 5 day getaway. Miami, as you cans see was quite temperamental; bright and beautiful during the mornings and nasty and feisty in the afternoon. The tide was super low. You could literally walk beyond 20 feet and still not have water reach your waist. Perfect!
Moi and my glass of wine. We’re almost inseparable.
Side note: i’m very excited and happy with my little blog that could. It’s my baby and it has slowly but surely been making strides. Great things ahead.  I also have a couple DIY post coming up between the next couple of weeks that i guarantee you’ll love.
Happy Monday Lovers. Make it a great one!
I’m coming home New York.

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