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Milestones, they are meant to be significant, meaningful, even shocking. I’m experiencing one right this very moment. Today is May 30th and I am happy to be celebrating my 40th birthday. It took me some time to get to this point of acceptance.  It’s quite the number isn’t it?

So many things I imagined I would have accomplished by now. So many places I imagined I would have crossed off my bucket list. So many goals I hoped to have achieved.  But life never quite happens the way you intend it too.  To me it all means that the universe has bigger and better plans in store for me and I am quite okay with that – besides i’ve been quite the conventional type.
I have no regrets and many wonderful memories.  I’ve done so much and have yet so much more to accomplish. This is a defining year for me. I feel like i’ve been given the chance for a do-over, to give my ambitions new meaning, new outcomes, and to look forward to a lot more adventures.
I am grateful. I am blessed. I AM 40 & FABULOUS!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

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