As you many of you know i have been a contributing writer for LatinTRENDS since early in the year. LatinTRENDS is a multi-platform media and marketing company that connects with the acculturated Hispanic community via a monthly print Magazine, weekly e-Newsletter, daily content on, Geo-Targeted marketing, its social media pages and in-house events.  I am grateful for the opportunity to continue and contribute and work alongside such a great team.

On November 5th LatinTRENDS hosted the first of what they hope will be many intimate Cocktail Media Mixers. Held at the world famous Copa Cabana, the intention is to provide a more intimate setting for networking and growth amongst LatinTRENDS clients, bloggers, journalists and such.
CEO and founder Juan Guillen spoke briefly acknowledging his team and the intent of the evening, LatinTRENDS history, and goals. Overall it was a successful evening with great entertainment, by the talented Mark Newton, fantastic cocktails, and good people.
Be sure to scroll down for a few photos of the nights event. Also, don’t forget to pick up the December issue featuring Grammy® winning Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho.  Also on this issue, Laura Posada, “Gotham” girls Zaybryna Guevara and Victoria Cartegena and a shocking story on Human Trafficking.
Happy weekend Lovers make it a great one and keep LatinTRENDing!
Photography by Topher Barnett

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