Let’s start the week on a good note and with a f*cking good new tune!
Here’s the latest and greatest from one of my favorite local Brooklyn indie bands, MONOGOLD.  I went on and on about them here and here.  It’s been three years since their last EP The Softest Glow“(that was my jam) so this has been a long time coming.

Their latest EP, This Bloom was released on November 11 and has already received some expected positive reviews. Well done boys!
I’m partial to “Soon Moon Soon” (and the bass player) – i was beginning to think i would never get to quite enjoy it on my playlist – the endless teasing was starting to piss me off!
But now its finally here and you too can enjoy it!!!
Click here for a quick listen to ‘Soon Moon Soon’ and others.
Click here for a link to the EP This Bloom.
You love me don’t ya?
Remember to always support your local indie bands.

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