Summer in New York is quite tricky.  If you live here you should already be familiar with the lack of consistency in temperature.  A typical week can take you anywhere from heat-waves, monsoon type rain and wind, to sudden drops in temperature.  It’s a game of chance and one you scurry to take advantage of whenever opportunity presents itself… as is how Montauk game to be.

No real reason other than a quick getaway from the hustle of the City was the intent, and what better place to do so than in our own backyard.  Six ladies, some familiar faces and some not, a cute little cottage at Montauk Breakers, an ocean a few steps away, and a short walk into town was just what the doctor ordered.
A lot of walking and exploring was done – no real “beach time” was put in as the weather was not cooperating – of course.  It was mostly overcast and foggy.  This however did not deter us from making the best out of the situation.  It was a wonderful time to catch up, initiate new friendships and for a few a rare time for reflection.
Photos to ensue. Some Cannon, some iPhone some instagram enhanced, but all fun.
Us.  And Sheila feeling the wind in her hair. 
Dinner at the Surf Lodge
Goodbye Montauk! Until we meet again.
Happy Monday Lovers.

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