This past Wednesday i was privy to an advanced screening of the new film GRAVITY (in theaters today Friday, October 4) starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.  My friend Brad was once again my date for the evening and since he did such a great job on the last recap, he again had free rein with GRAVITY.  Enjoy. 
**** A Review ****

Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” is a mesmerizing survival story with stunning visuals and unconventionally realistic sound work (i.e there is no sound in space).  While repairing the Hubble Telescope, a retiring space cowboy (Clooney) and an ill trained tech specialist (Bullock) encounter high speed debris that leaves them stranded without a space ship.  With oxygen running low, they must fend for themselves using existing orbiting structures and try to get themselves back to earth.  

Bullock gives a truthful and moving performance while Clooney brings his usual lovable charm.  Despite incredible effects that truly give you a sense of both the awe and horror of space, this thriller is moving because it the human need to survive rather than complex space techo-drama.  

Cuaron’s script is unique in many ways including that Clooney and Bullock are really the only actors in this movie.  This is the “Open Water” of space movies.  

DISCLAIMER:  I had the pleasure of seeing it in IMAX 3D, three rows back.

In 3D and 2D and IMAX® on October 4
(Warner Bros. Pictures)

A review by Bradley Martocello

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