I’ve never been to an apple orchard.   I’ve never gone apple picking.
Growing up in Nicaragua having apples in our home was a luxury afforded to us only around the holidays.  The smell of fresh Red Delicious apples is still able transport me back to those simple days of my childhood.  I lived for apples. Once in the states however the novelty disappeared.  Apples were now abundantly available to me (how boring) and what’s worse long gone were the memory transporting aromas.  Pesticides.  WTF!  I quickly lost interest for this now lame fruit.  Apples, ugh!

But there was one thing that still nagged at me, something i always wanted to do as a kid but never had the chance too. Apple picking.  What?  How could that be you ask?! Yeah, i know right. Blasphemy.  For years i yelled and begged aloud to whomever would listen and finally someone bit.  FINALLY.

And so on an overcast, Sandy impending Saturday, six friends piled into a minivan and set out towards Barton Orchards in Poughkeepsie.  A childhood dream of mine was about to come true…sorta.  One hour + drive and the crop was crappy.  I didn’t pick apples from a tree  – I shook apples from a tree! (as you will clearly see from the crafty little video i put together below).

I was a lot disappointed i wont lie, but it takes a lot more than that to dismay me.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  An embarrassing kid – my poor friends.  And what’s more not only did we go to an apple orchard but we also made our way to a cheese farm and a winery!!!  I hit the jackpot of fun days.  I can most certainly scratch this day off my bucket list.

It’s the little things in life that matters most.  These are the things that should never be taken for granted.  A simple day out in the country with friends.  Cherish these moments.  Life is fleeting.

And finally my little video.  I worked really hard on it so i hope you enjoy.



before i was thoroughly disappointed by the apple-less trees.


flaming trees


the one remaining tree we found with apples on it.  and too high up to climb and pick.  tears.


we found a lonely squash




this is as good as it got





time for freshly made cheese. hooray!



vino please



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