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I’m not sure why I didn’t do this earlier considering I was there. Here’s the video of Robert Pattinson at the Regis & Kelly Show and below is my take on the entire experience along with some exclusive pics. I will never forget this day

Note: this is re-post of my earlier blog covering this day. 

Sorry Kelly :-/
But first a quick pre Robert recap: 20min before going live we were hoarded into the tiny studio, given a raffle number and told to sit wherever.  I choose top center. I figured I would be safe there in case the crazies get out of control. My darling cousin who took the 6am train in from Long Island was already plotting where she will jump and who she was going to take down once Rob came out. I sternly warned her she was NOT allowed to embarrass me! After a few lessons on how and when to scream and clap, the producer introduced Regis and Kelly and we were LIVE! 

We endured about 15 minutes of the standard Regis and Kelly morning chatter surroundings current events. Kelly is the best, super tiny and so sweet. Regis is endearing. No Kidding. And then it was time for Robert Pattinson. He walked out looking as adorable as ever and greeted his hosts. As you can imagine the shrieking decibels at this point was insanity. They went through the normal rounds of Q&A’s which were of course about the movies, his auditioning, his understanding of the fanfare with vampires etc. The best part however was during the breaks. You know what? I say more power to you and your cojones if you can stand up and scream at the top of your lungs for his attention.
God Bless him, really. The patience to endure the constant screaming, people calling out your name demanding photos, autographs or just to hug you, I’m sure can be very overwhelming. But Robert, gracious as ever smiled, honestly just smiled and walked over and patiently took his photos, signed autographs and answered random questions. I didn’t dive in for the autograph… I’m not the type and I never was. My cousin was torn between the thought of me killing her if she tried any funny business and embarrassing herself in front of “her man”.  Whatever! The killer was when a girl screamed, “Robert, will you please have my baby?“. Classic. I swear the man just stopped and silently mouthed the question back to himself with the most adorable baffled look. That there was priceless. 

Overall it was an awesome experience just to be there. You can’t tell much about a person by simply seeing them across a stage but Robert gave the impression that he was truly taken a back by all of the attention. He’s just a simple guy trying to take it all in. I honestly wish him the best of luck in the future. He has been placed high in a pedestal  by his adoring fans and he’s yet to prove himself fully. But I’m confident that he will. I’m excited  for what he may have up his sleeves in the coming years. And for now, I’m excited for New Moon.


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