I’m not sure what excites me more; the NEW SOYJOY flavors – (Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Cherry) or the awesome canvas bag i was just gifted.  Honestly why even bother dwelling?  This is an all around win-win situation.  New snacks and a smart supper cute bag to run my daily errands with…hooray!

The new flavors are delicious (as if there was ever a doubt) and of course i am partial to the Dark Chocolate Cherry.  This is just genius!  It taste so good i almost feel guilty indulging in it.  SOYJOY, this is by far your best one to date (if my humble opinion matters).
All of the flavors are available at local Ride Aid store across the country. Use SOYJOY’s store locator or oder on line.  So Good.  Go out and get yourself some!

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