Lately I’ve taken to checking out NYC’s local music scene and loving every minute of it! I’m having such a good time doing so that you can expect to see more blogs like this one. The following is my experience with Aurora’s show on August 31st.

Aurora (Rory) Barnes
Aurora and I met through a mutual friend, Sasha Allen (more on Sasha later) but oddly enough actually became friends over Facebook before ever meeting in person.

 I was always aware of Aurora’s talent as a singer/sonwriter but never had the opportunity to catch any of her live shows until just recently. I was very excited making my way towards the Nuyorican’s Poets Café in the Lower East Side where she would be performing.  Once there we managed to chitchat a bit before show time — she was a bit apprehensive due to a lack of rehearsals and some sound-check glitches from earlier.  I assured her she would do great once on stage and that I couldn’t wait to finally see her in action…and she did not disappoint.

Her band was made up of a classical bass, acoustic guitar, drums, and an old bare-boned piano that when combined melts into an authentic natural sound.  She opened with a sweet acappella version of “Would You Like to Swing on a Star”, (which seemed to be a little shared secret between her and some of the audience members).  She then slowly moved through her  selection of songs each a reflection of an important point in her life.  I’m immediately stricken with how mature her voice is.  She gives the impression of an old soul who has experienced many troubles.  Her beautiful easy flowing vocals reminds me of the times I would sit with my grandma and watch old Dean Martin or Fred Astaire & Ginger Roger musicals.  I loved and cherished those moments!  Her music, her sound, and her delivery, has a way of transporting you to the very meaning of the lyrics.

I’m so glad I finally caught up with Aurora and I have every intention of becoming a groupie.  For starters, check out these youtube videos.  And for more on Aurora and a schedule of her upcoming shows, you can check out her myspace and facebook pages here and here.  

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