By now I’m sure you’ve noticed my fascination with music.  I’m not necessarily musical but I’ve got a really good ear music.  I know maybe 4 chords on a guitar and can manage chopsticks on the piano without any incidents.  My love for music is inclined more towards the vocals.  I can sing, but this is something you will only witness under the influence of two shots of tequila… or more.  (no, choir and karaoke does not count)

Despite this, I have toyed with the idea of perhaps ONE day, being able to summon enough courage to finally do an open mic.  So in preparation of that day (ha!), I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the best open mic venues in NYC.
  1. Ron Grant World Famous Sunday Night open mic – Village Underground
  2. Black Velvet Mondays with Cheryl Pepsii Riley – Village Underground
  3. Thursday Night Open Mic – Sugar Bar
  4. Pete’s Candy Store Open Mic – Pete’s Candy Store
  5. Vivaldi’s Open Mic Night – Caffe Vivaldi
  6. Cafe Wha? Open Mic Night – Cafe Wha?
  7. Nuyorican Open Mic – Nuyorican Poets Cafe
  8. Soul 4Real Open Mic – Shrine World Music Venue
  9. Postcrypt Open Mic – Postcrypt Coffeehouse
  10. Sidewalk Cafe Open Mic – Sidewalk Cafe
*These are in no particular order.
* Some are weekly | a few are monthly
I’m sure you will find a place that’s to your liking.

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