I’m long overdue for a NYC Music Scene post but I have a good one to redeem myself. Here I bring you the lovely ladies of Black Buddafly, AminaSafia (Jazz). Exotic and beautiful twin sisters with sweet angelic voices and killer harmonies.

I’m fairly new to the girls and humbly admit that I had not heard of them until just a few months. I quickly caught on to the buzz and did my own little research. I learned the girls built quite the name for themselves over the years but, as the music industry would sometimes have it, the politics became just too unbearable. And so they are now marketing and promoting themselves independently. Awesome and admirable move. 
The Sound…
Listening to the earlier sounds of the group and learning of their music today, you can get a little confused as to what their sound should be. Fortunately they don’t leave you wondering for long. I soon had an idea of what to expect from recent youtube vids and from Amina’s most recent solo single debut, ‘How Can I be With You‘. That song was personal. Ugh! I digress.

The sound is an organic singer songwriter type music; it has hints of pop, rock and sweet ballads… my weakness. To say the least I was pleasantly surprised and happy with what they had to offer.

Amina & Jazz, for the little I personally know of these girls, I can say are wholeheartedly the sweetest most humble people I’ve come across in a while. I know I sound jaded but its the truth. You can’t help but not fall in-love with them and that’s a quality that many don’t have. They work hard, real hard to achieve this dream and you can only hope and deep down know, that they are here for the long run.

Here is a vid from the show. This is ‘It’s Alright’. So pretty and encouraging. Enjoy!
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