This is the continuation of my Sunday Funday:

Although not his first time performing at Rockwood Music Hall, this was Caleb’s first time on Stage 2. Definitely a sweeter space compared to the other rooms (tiny). I first wrote about Caleb Hawley back in November of last year. Click here for a quick refresher. I’ve seen him perform a couple other times since then and he never disappoints. He he has the ability to effortlessly captivate you and trap you.

He’s really one of a kind; an amazing talent, sweetly down to earth and wickedly witty. He’s the perfect entertainment recipe for fun and real talent. It’s independent artist like these we need to continuously support. Word of mouth goes a long way and talent like Caleb needs to be noticed and shared.

Caleb’s show was the perfect ending to my Sunday Funday afternoon with the girls. This was the first time the girls had learned of him or seen his show so it was a special treat. One initially needed a little convincing to come along but in the end they both thanked me for a great time. That says more than enough.

In the meantime, check out his page here for show updates. The man is busy and keeps it real – you won’t be disappointed.  Here he is on Stage 2 performing the “Other Side of it All“.

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